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Less "blah" than the other agency you're talking to...

Here at Stokeship HQ, we’re not just another brand agency. Okay, we kinda are tbh. While we don’t actually build rockets… We are the renegades & misfits of the digital marketing universe. Because we don’t come from typical marketing world, disruption comes natural here. We’re creatives, not marketers. So we let the bros from business school handle that boring sh*t. Besides AI can handle most of that now.

Ready to make your competition rethink their life choices? We’re here ready to help you build, launch, and grow a brand with kick-ass creative. Jump on the Stokeship, and ride your damn brand rocket to the moon. 

Stokeship rocket engine
Rex Allen, Founder of Stokeship

How It All Started

This is a crazy freaking story… Like winning $50K+ level of crazy. So strap on your 5-point harness & get ready to have your mind blown. 🤯

July 15, 2019. Amazon Prime Day is approaching. And our founder, Rex Allen is on the hunt for his first “real” cinema camera.

The marketing crew at Gunwerks had Rex trained up on the Panasonic GH5 for product launch videos (playlist of Rex’s OG work here). So with his limited experience in camera gear (oh how far he’s come), that’s what he was looking for. It was expensive for a “hobby” purchase, but that didn’t stop Rex from staying up until 2:00AM for Prime-Day to check the deals.

Enter the great Prime Day Glitch of 2019. A FUBAR so big that the story ran on pretty much every national news outlet in the country. It was a BIG story. And Rex scored even BIGGGER.


That was the glitch. $98.26. GH5 was on sale for $98.26!!! So Rex bought one. 📸

Then he got thinking…

I need lenses! You guessed it. $98.26. So he bought one. Then another. And another.

Then he started searching for all his other wish-list camera gear (that he really knew nothing about). Like the Sony A9, the Nikon D5 & D850. Again, all on sale for $98.26. Even body + (legit) lens packages were on sale. $98.26.

After all was said and done, Rex bought 9 camera bodies and 7 lenses, valued at $31,869 USD today (over $50K in 2019).

For days, he anticipated and email from Amazon.com, “Hey, we're really sorry, but we made a mistake. Your order has been cancelled.” But it never came.

Instead, Rex started getting shipping notifications! He had hit the jackpot! All of the cameras and lenses shipped. Rex was in business!

Now he had to learn how to use Photoshop!! 🤣

It took Rex a couple more years to hone his non-engineering design & creative skills in Adobe CC - Illustrator, Premeire Pro, and After Effects, but he finally did it. He got good enough to start taking on freelance clients in 2019:

Logo & brand packages.

Product & brand videos.

Website design/builds.

Some product design.

3D visualization.

All the stuffs.

By 2021, it had gotten crazy enough, that Rex finally quit his engineering career and started Stokeship.

He was a full-time brand creative.


This is less of an “expertise” chart and more of a “where we like to spend our time” exercise.

Brand Identity
Visual Identity & Design
Photo & Video
Social Media
The Gym
Rex's Ice Bath Content


Our Services

We’re here to help design, launch, and fuel your brand with a rock-solid foundation and kick-ass creative.

Brand Design

Crafting brands from the ground up requires some groundwork.

Brand Launch

Letting the creative juices flow, guided by a strategy & identity.

Brand Fuel (Growth)

Fueling growth with content & creative - on brand every time.

Rex Allen, Founder of Stokeship

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