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Seekr is an AI tech company that is working to build the web (and AI products) you can trust. They fuel innovation and unlocks productivity for businesses of all industries through responsible and explainable AI solutions.
Like any early-stage tech company, things often move fast and (sometimes) loose. While working with Seekr hasn't been *too loose, it has certainly been fast. With an initial product developed for scoring the news, we helped communicate a consumer-facing message "building the web you can trust." As their product offering expanded into more B2B offerings, within an emerging category of AI-as-a-Service, we continue to help craft creative to communicate this message to new, business clients and partners.
When we first started working with Seekr, the brand messaging was a little more "doom and gloom." The news is a scary place, after all. A lot of the early creatives we produced were played out on massive screens, supporting the founder's investor town halls and keynote speeches around the world. We helped paint the picture of a misinformed/disinformed web - full of nefarious actors trying to take advantage of everyday consumers.

While true, Seekr's messaging began to evolve as they focused on building artificial intelligence (AI) products for businesses. Maintaining a focus on trust, transparency, and explainability, we continue today to help Seekr tell this story through creatives (video, banner ads, social media content) focused on B2B acquisition.
Working with Seekr has been quite a wild ride. With a fast-moving AI tech product in development, creative has to move at light speed to keep up. And if there's one thing we love more than anything else, it's trying to keep up with our clients... 😎

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