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Just launching? Growth phase? Everything’s a mess? No matter what your brand looks like right now, we got you fam.

Our 3-Phase
Approach to "Brand"

Say goodbye to blending in with the space junk. Your brand is about to blast off like one of Elon’s rockets, lighting up the night sky as it rips through the atmosphere. #skynet

P1: Design

Brand Identity & Visual Design


Website & Launch Collateral

P3: Fuel (Grow)

Photo/Video & Creative

About us

Just Another Agency?

Here at Stokeship HQ, we’re not just another brand agency. Okay, we kinda are tbh. But we’re a bit different. Because we didn’t grow up in the typical marketing & advertising world. We’re consider ourselves “creatives,” not “marketers.”

Ready to make your competition rethink their life choices? We’re here ready to help you build, launch, and grow a brand with kick-ass creative. Jump on the Stokeship, and ride your brand rocket to the moon. 

What... Would You Say You Do Here?

Great question. That really depends on you. Are you launching a new brand? Rebranding? Or an existing brand looking to grow with creative?

New Brand?

Prepare for Launch


Fuel the Journey

Stokeship desk setup top view
Stokeship stationary mockup

Your "Brand" Mission Plan

We don’t just assemble the parts of your rocket; we engineer a launchpad spectacle that even NASA would tip their helmets to.

We’re gonna beat it to death. Because it freaking works. Design. Launch. Fuel. Our three phase approach to building brand.

Brand identity & visual design is the foundation behind a brand that communicates effectively, tells a consistent story, and earns affinity from your customers. And it is so much more than “just a logo.”

Your identity serves as your business’ north star – a guide that keeps you aligned and focused throughout your brand journey.

We start with your identity system first, because if it isn’t on lock, all the work we’ll do in the launch & growth phases will probably suck. And we’ll have to re-do a bunch of sh*t. And we don’t want that now, do we…

With an identity in place, our team gets to work creating all the assets for your budding brand – things like a website, social media profiles, business cards, print collateral. Basically – all the cool stuff! This is where it really starts to come to life and you start seeing that shiny new identity in action.

These assets lay the foundation for attraction, affinity, and acquisition. Those are big words for “customers that like you and give you their hard-earned money.”

Because people buy from people that they know, like, & trust.

Phew! You’ve got a brand identity system in place. And you’ve got a hub to send all those new customers to (ur website). Now you’re ready to get those eyeballs!

And in today’s world, it is a competition for attention. Nobody’s gonna give a rat’s a** about your brand. Us humans are a selfish bunch. We care about ourselves more than any brand in the world.

That’s why we’re going to put your ideal customer front and center in your brand’s journey. Instead of cramming product shots down their throats, we’re gonna show them how awesome their life is gonna be with your brand in it.

Ready? It’s gonna be awesome! 🤘🏼

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Rex Allen, Founder of Stokeship

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