Trakr AI
From Concept to Launch & Beyond

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Trakr is an artificial intelligence (AI) startup in the information/intel space. With a suite of products that help users search and track data across social media, public information systems, and proprietary data banks, Trakr brings AI-powered enterprise-level data aggregation an analysis to the masses.
When we came on board, Trakr was nothing more than an idea - a concept to bring AI data aggregation, analysis, and prediction into a sleek, easy to use tool. With such a powerful tool in development, we were brought on to help craft the product features, UI/UX, brand identity, and product verticals.
Our initial task with Trakr was to help craft the brand from a product perspective. We worked with the internal Trakr team to define product features and benefits, translating our initial research into a UI/UX layout that would make enterprise level data aggregation feel "accessible" to the masses. Once we turned over our initial product wireframes & mockups to the development team, we continued our creative work in tandem with the dev agency (who also do some brand work) to craft the brand identity. A dozen one-pager pitch documents, a handful of pitch videos, a couple of vertical launch videos, and a website later - and we were go for launch.
When we started working with Trakr, the business was nothing more than an idea. We helped craft the product features, UI/UX, and brand identity that took the company from $0 to bringing in over $3M in private investment. Early on, it was a lot of (under NDA) one-pagers and pitch decks...

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