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We sure freaking hope so. Because you're probably not gonna make it with a boring brand. So if you're ready to launch with branding & creative that's loud as hell — let's talk. 🤘🏼


Stokeship is a rad little creative agency that launches & fuels brands with d*mn good creative. Are we a branding agency? Yes. Are we a creative agency? Also yes. You're here to launch & grow your brand. We're here to pour gas on the fire. 🔥

Stokeship is a rad little creative agency that launches & fuels brands with d*mn good creative. Are we a branding agency? Yes. Are we a creative agency? Also yes. You're here to launch & grow your brand. We're here to pour gas on the fire. 🔥

You've got a branding problem.


Failure to launch.

Launching a business is hard. Stupid hard. And if you're starting form a (mostly) clean slate, that task list in front of you probably daunting. You might not know everything about branding, but you definitely know that you need one for long-term growth. Let's craft a brand identity that'll guide your branding & creative into the future (and to the moon).


Need to pivot.

Things have changed and your current “brand” no longer feels right. Sure, you've still got those customers, but what you do and what you look like you do just doesn't jive anymore. And right now, that disconnect is putting a hankering on your growth. You're not looking for a full rebrand — more of a brand refresh. Let's update what is working and ditch what isn't.


It's a hot mess.

Throughout the natural course of business, your branding is bound to get a little bit messy. And without a north star for your branding efforts, like a brand guidelines book, it can get real bad. You might just need a brand realignment to get things back under control and in order. Or, if it's real bad, you might just want to scrap everything and go for a full rebrand. Let's get you back to those early days when everything you did just felt more “on brand.”

Or maybe it's a creative problem.


No assets.

Even a brand identity package from the likes of Pentagram (hella expensive agency) isn't going to do anything for you until you start to implement. You need hard assets & are ready to start with an “on brand” website. And you need tons more more stuff — like brochures, pitch decks, photography, videos, and social. Let's start making all the stuff (collateral) that'll get your rad new brand start coming to life.


No time (or chops).

Damn good creative takes time and it takes skill (creative chops). And effort, don't forget that one. And we know one thing for sure, good creative doesn't create itself. At least, not yet. You're ready to grow, and start executing on daily/weekly/monthly content & creative. But you've accepted the fact that it's not gonna be you behind camera — or on the keyboard. After all, you've got a business to run. You're just not gonna be the one doing all the stuff to get your branding & creative onto people's screens.


Nobody cares.

People just don't care about your brand the way you do. You've got to show them — give them a reason to give a crap. Maybe you've tried, but your best efforts to put out content & creative seem to fall flat. It just isn't making an impact. You know your product is awesome. But you just need some creative fuel to get people to start to start knowing, liking, and trusting your brand.

Whatever it is, we get it. Because we've been there. Having non-existent, disjointed, or inconsistent branding & creative sucks. And this sh*t is hard. But don't worry. You're not gonna be stuck here for long.

Branding & creative.

Stokeship is a branding & creative agency & we're here to help Launch & Fuel your brand. We do stuff like brand identity, visual identity design, logo design, website design, photography, video, graphic design, and content creative. More on all that later...

Branding? We mean all the “creative stuff” to help Launch & Fuel your brand.


Let's launch your brand from scratch. We'll start with a brand book (brand identity) & supporting visual assets (logo, typography, colors, etc.) to set your brand up for consistency across all communication channels. Then we'll get your identity working for you with a banger website & all the design collateral you need for launch.


So one of two things happened that got you to this point. Either you pivoted, and your current branding no longer feels “right” for your business. Or you've done your best, but everything is a big inconsistent mess. Either way, we can fix it - helping to realign and revive what's working & ditch the rest.


Congrats! You launched. Now it's time to start getting the right people to notice. We'll help fuel your brand with consistent creative across organic & paid channels. With design, photo, and video under one roof, we've got the bespoke creative covered to help you earn attention, affinity, and trust (aka $$$).

From here on out, it's gonna be hard to catch you. Cuz you've got a freaking rocket engine fueling your brand growth now.

What would you say
you do here?

What would you say you do here?

01 | Launch


02 | Launch


03 | Launch


04 | Fuel

Photo &

05 | Fuel

Video &

06 | Fuel


07 | Fuel


We launch brands.

We launch brands.

Our work.

We all know this is why you're really here.

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Not another marketing agency.

Our BrandSystema™ is a systematic approach to “brand.” It's a holistic and cohesive aligning effort across all brand touch-points. Digital. Physical. Online. And in person.

We'll probably put something awesome here at some point. But until then, you get some good ol' Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

We'll even split it into two paragraphs with this duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. It looks better than nothing, and let's be honest. Nobody's gonna read this anyway.

You're starting/founding something new - and you're looking to develop a brand strategymarket research, competitive analysis, and positioning (product, price, promotion).

And with that strategy, you're ready to create a from-scratch brand identity (brand guidelines or brand book) with the full kit of brand name, brand story, brand personality, communication style/tone, and visual identity.

And just to break that last one (visual identity) down even further. You want a full visual identity, with all the cool-looking goods - logomark, wordmark, typography, color palette, patterns, layout, icons, illustrations, and photography style.

Our clients 🤘🏼

Why Stokeship?

Why the freak not, really...

Branding & creative that makes you stop and think, “d*mn, that's good.”

Probably one of more bold mission statements you've ever seen, right? In a nutshell, that's why we exist. We know the power of brand & want to build the best damn branding for you and your business. We want you to disrupt industry norms, break barriers, and connect with your intended audience in a way that makes them stop & awe. Or is it shock & awe? 🤘🏼

Building brands your customers love, and your competitors hate.

Some creative agencies are innit for the glory. They're off chasing Webby & Addy awards, and trying to sharpen their D&AD Pencils. Instead of blowing your creative budget to earn rewards for our agency, we work for you. Period. If a non-flashy email is what you need. We're on it. It might not make our portfolio, but it'll make you money. Lots of money $$$. And at the end of the day, that's what matters to us - results for our clients & customers.

Red tape?
Never heard of her.

Working with a small, boutique creative agency is where it's at (or so we hear). You'll get the quality of a big fancy agency, but the flexibility of a kick-ass freelancer. It doesn't mean we get it right 100% of the time, but we def don't get stuck in red tape & approvals. Check it... We can put as many swear words in our copy as we want. And nobody is gonna tell us no. And if we find it isn't working or resonating, we can change it tomorrow.

A one-stop shop that actually gives a d*mn.

Despite what our moms think, we're actually probably not the best creative agency in the world. But there's a good chance we're the best one for you. Because we're pretty d*mn good at a lot of things. And we actually care about your business. We take pride in our ability to service a full scope of branding needs for our clients - brand identity, visual identity, logos, websites, photography, videography, ads. We've got you covered - soup to nuts.

No more bouncing around between agencies.

Lots of agencies do their one thing, and only that one thing. So you'll end up getting passed around, working with 10-15+ different agencies as you progress as a brand. We chose to take a more holistic approach to “brand” and build out teams in the three areas of “branding” can jump into any business, get a feel for where they're at as a “brand,” and start executing efforts to take them to the next level - whether that's a scratch identity, a brand refresh, or a full rebrand, 

We'll meet you where you're at & hang with you in the trenches.

Our three-phase BrandSystema approach to building & growing brands helps up meet our clients where they're at. Just starting out? We can jump in and build an identity to get you off the ground. Bootstrapped and money is tight? We can water it down to “just a logo” for starters and build as you grow. Already have an identity in the works and just need to start executing. We'll jump right in - and sooner than you know, you'll feel like you've got a full marking & creative team at your disposal.

This sounds expensive. How much does this stuff cost?

Haha. We get that a lot. We don't just say “it depends” because we don't want to tell your our pricing. It's a tricky question to answer - because branding is an investment, and the scope of every project/brand we work with us custom. But here's something that'll get the conversation started...

We have “branding” packages that fit budgets of all shapes & sizes. Well, sorta...

The most affordable way to start working with us is our $1,750 “just a logo” package. We don't take on a ton of these, but we keep the option open for brands/clients we just really wanna work with. Our standard brand identity packages (brand books) start at $5,000 & outline everything you'll need - style & visuals - to steer your brand as you launch & grow. Our custom websites start at $5,500 and go up from there, depending on scope (pages, design, content, complexity etc.) and features.

Phew! You've got a brand identity system in place. And you've got a hub to send all those new customers to (ur website). Now you're ready to get those eyeballs!

Our monthly creative packages start around $2,500/month.

What they're saying.

Read what's new.

“The Off Brand” is our weekly (okay, more like twice a year) newsletter on all things branding. We'll share tips & tricks on brand identity, brand collateral, and brand creative - helping you DIY and grow your brand, all on your own.

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